How to Enroll

Important Announcement

There's still time to enroll for the 2019–2020 school year. Enroll now!

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Admission Requirements

Students interested in attending Passport Academy Charter School must:

  • Be under 21 years of age
  • Have previously withdrawn from high school

Compliancy Documentation

If students meet the above eligibility requirements, the following forms are required to complete enrollment:

Proof of age via one of the following: birth certificate; notarized copy of birth certificate; baptismal certificate; copy of the record of baptism notarized or duly certified and showing the date of birth; notarized statement from parent or another relative indicating date of birth; a valid passport; a prior school record indicating date of birth.

Immunization Records: Students are required to provide current immunization records. Please ensure records are complete and up to date.

Proof of Residency via one of the following: a deed, a lease, current utility bill, current credit card bill, property tax bill, vehicle registration, driver’s license, DOT identification card.

Expulsion/Suspension Report: A sworn statement by a parent or guardian (if student is a minor) attesting to whether the student has been or is suspended or expelled for offenses involving drugs, alcohol, weapons, infliction of injury or violence on school property must be provided for a student to be admitted to any school entity.

Once you have collected all of the documents listed above, please schedule an appointment by calling 877.331.9552, or stop by the school office, to continue the enrollment process.

Once enrolled students will also need to provide the following, if applicable:

  • PSSA/Keystone/ACT Scores: Provide scores for all tests taken to prevent duplicate participation in testing.
  • Student Withdrawal and Release Form: If you are not currently enrolled in a high school program, this document must be completed by your most recent high school.

Questions? Call us at 412.376.3724