Graduation Credit Requirements

The following criteria must be met by each Passport Academy Charter School student in order to be eligible for a high school diploma:

Grade Point Average

You must finish your last semester with a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA. This average refers to grades received only while in attendance at Passport Academy Charter School. Previous GPAs from other institutions are not factored into this requirement.

Service Learning Hours

Since Passport Academy Charter School is helping students grow into well-rounded citizens, students must also complete a minimum of 10 Service Learning Hours per year of enrollment in school. Service Learning Hours are earned when students provide free services back to their local community, such as tutoring, volunteering, working with the elderly or sick, preparing and serving food to others, organizing fundraisers, doing beautification projects, and more. The school guidance counselor can provide more specific information about these requirements after you are enrolled.

K12 Coursework Hours

You will be required to log into K12 coursework a total of five and a half hours daily. This translates to three hours of coursework onsite at school and an additional two and a half hours on their own time. Therefore, it is a requirement that students complete 330 minutes of coursework on a daily basis. Students are required to return signed forms for their offsite work on a weekly basis.

Graduation Project (i.e. Senior Portfolio)

The Graduation Project is designed for students to use as a tool in planning their post-secondary path. You must complete the Graduation Project in order to be eligible for a diploma. Additional information will be provided after enrollment.

Course Requirements

In order to be eligible for a high school diploma, students must show mastery and receive credit in the following core subjects:

This table displays required course subjects and credit requirements - first column is subject, second is credit requirements
Required Course Subjects Credit Requirements
Literacy/English 4
Mathematics 3
Science and Technology 2
Citizenship/Social Studies 2
Arts and Career 2
Health and Physical Education 1
Electives 3
Graduation Project and Service Learning Hours 2

Note: The 19 total required credits will include transfers from previous schools and those earned at Passport Academy Charter School.