Success Stories

Grace Yearwood

When Passport Academy Charter School Alumni, Grace Yearwood became a new mother at 18, she knew that despite the trials she had experienced in her young life, she would defy the odds, and through it all, her little girl was her motivation. Grace was determined to continue her education and earn her high school diploma. Juggling school, work, and having to take care of her new baby, Grace saw PAC as the right path for her. The support she received made it more of a positive experience. “HHPACS never judged me. Everyone was so supportive that it made it easier to focus on my goals.” To read more, visit

Zaire Mauro

Passport Academy Charter School Alumni, Zaire Mauro was awarded the Sam & Tamara Davis Family Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes students who have a parent with a permanent mental or physical disability; and/or who are raised in single adult households. To watch the full story, visit